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Bob Brown press conference about the Christchurch earthquake, extending the mining tax, marriage equality, nuclear subs, and leadership - 22 February 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown, part way through the Senate inquiry into the minerals resource rent tax, spoke to reporters in Canberra today, calling for the mining tax to be extended to gold and uranium.

The anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake, the Greens' move for a Senate inquiry into the draft Murray Darling Basin plan, equal marriage, nuclear submarines, and the Labor leadership saga were also discussed.

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TRANSCRIPT: Bob Brown on Meet the Press 4-12-11

Greens Leader Bob Brown and ALP President Jennifer McAllister talk with Hugh Riminton, Lenore Taylor from the Sydney Morning Herald and Simon Benson from The Daily Telegraph.



HUGH RIMINTON, PRESENTER: Hello and welcome to ‘Meet the Press'. Two and a half years ago, Kevin Rudd dosed the Labor conference with Mogadon - it's a little different under Julia Gillard.

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Bob Brown on pollie pay rises, Liberal costings audit, ALP conference, Tasmanian forests agreement - 1 Dec 2011

Bob Brown's press conference in Hobart covers the Remuneration Tribunal's consideration for increases to politician salaries, the debates about immigration and gay marriage at the ALP conference, the failure to implement conservation clauses in the Tasmanian forests agreement and the revelation that the Liberal election policies were not audited as the Opposition Leader and Treasury spokesperson had claimed.

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Bob Brown speaks to reporters at Senate doors about the MRRT 22-11-11

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown speaks to reporters in Canberra about the ball being in the Government's court as Prime Minister Julia Gillard seeks support for a mining tax that has been whittled away at the expense of funding for schools, healthcare and transport.

Senator Brown also answered a question about a conscience vote on equal marriage.


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Bob Brown's press conference on Julia Gillard's plan to sell uranium to India 15-11-2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today the prospect of selling uranium to India will horrify many Australians and is a giant step towards another backflip by both major parties: hosting a global nuclear waste dump in Australia in the years to come.

As well as Prime Minister Julia Gillard's flouting of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Senator Brown commented on the old parties' stance on equal marriage.

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