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Bob Brown speaks to Jon Faine about the MRRT, former Senator O'Chee, Vic's Ryan Smith and the ex-Gunns chairman

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown speaks to 774ABC's Jon Faine about the mining tax and the $100 million extra flowing to public services after the Greens clawed back the windfall for mining companies that resulted from MP Andrew Wilkie's MRRT deal with the Gillard government.

Other topics included today's Fairfax story about allegations about News Ltd and former Nationals senator Bill O'Chee and news that former Gunns chairman John Gay has been charged with insider trading.

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Greens agree to pass mining tax through the lower house after $100m win for the public

The Australian Greens have agreed to pass the Government's mining tax package through the House of Representatives while ensuring there will be no spending cuts to services such as education and health.

"This is $100 million win for the public interest just days after the government negotiated a similar win for mining companies. We have balanced the ledger for the wider Australian public," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said.

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Mining tax talks continue

Talks are continuing between the Australian Greens and the Gillard government on how to make up the $20 million per annum lost by the government's readjustment of the mining tax to exclude corporations making profits of up to $75 million per annum.

The talks Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and the Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt held with Prime Minister Julia Gillard this evening were not conclusive.

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Bob Brown speaks to reporters at Senate doors about the MRRT 22-11-11

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown speaks to reporters in Canberra about the ball being in the Government's court as Prime Minister Julia Gillard seeks support for a mining tax that has been whittled away at the expense of funding for schools, healthcare and transport.

Senator Brown also answered a question about a conscience vote on equal marriage.


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Bob Brown, Adam Bandt - press conference on a fairer mining tax and a safe exit from Afghanistan

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt outlined the Greens' position on the MRRT, namely to protect the revenue stream from moves in Parliament to further water down the mining tax.

The Greens will also move for a debate on setting a date for a safe exit of Australian troops from Afghanistan.

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Gillard, Abbott should heed Australia’s right to an independent foreign policy in its own region

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said the Gillard government should ensure the Parliament debates the US military build-up planned for the NT and the alternative of Australia charting an independent course in the Asia Pacific this century.

"President Obama, who was very warmly welcomed to our nation's capital, today delivered an important speech about America's increased involvement in the Pacific and the economic and military imperatives that lie behind the US plans for Australia," Senator Brown said in Canberra.

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