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Ross Solly's interview with Bob Brown, 02-11-2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown spoke to Ross Solly on 666ABC radio today after legislation which ensures the democratic rights of territory citizens won't be overturned at the whim of a federal minister passed federal parliament last night, the first Greens bill to become law.

Other topics included asylum seekers, Qantas and the Coalition, the delinking of the government's proposed tax break for big business from the watered-down mining tax legislation, and coal seam gas.


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Senator Bob Brown at doors November 2, 2011

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown spoke to reporters at Senate doors today about the decoupling of legislation for the 1% tax break for big business from the government's watered down mining tax, and the Greens' policy to scrap the tax break for big business and instead give a 5% reduction to small business.

Other issues covered including support for the the Robin Hood tax and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce's appearance in front of the Senate Rural Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee coming up on Friday.

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Bob Brown and Larissa Waters' press conference about water security and CSG

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and mining spokesperson Larissa Waters spoke to reporters in Canberra today about coal seam gas and water security. Other issues included Qantas, mining tax legislation, and Australia's vote against UNESCO's recognition of Palestine as an independent state.

Senator Waters will introduce a bill into the Senate today to protect the nation's water resources from mining, including coal seam gas.

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Rising inequality strengthens case for stronger mining tax: Brown

New figures released today show an alarming trend of rising wealth inequality as the benefits of the mining boom become increasingly concentrated among a small group of people, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The 20th century trend towards greater equality of incomes in Australia is being turned on its head, helped by very generous taxation arrangements which ensure that little can be set aside for the opportunities of the 21st century for the broader community," Senator Brown said.

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Brown welcomes IMF support for broader mining tax

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown welcomed the International Monetary Fund's call today for the Government to consider expanding the watered-down mining tax.

"The economic recovery is uneven and options available to the Government include broadening the coverage of the minerals resource rent tax beyond coal and iron ore, as the IMF so clearly states," Senator Brown said.

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