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Flying kangaroo becomes Texas cash cow: Greens

The Australian Greens today called on the government to block the planned takeover of Qantas by Macquarie Bank and
US private equity firm Texas Pacific Group.
"The flying kangaroo will become a Texan cash cow. Qantas employs thousands of Australians and carries millions in Australia and around the world, but Qantas boss Geoff Dixon has already admitted jobs could be under threat as a result of the takeover." Senator Brown said.

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Greens call on govt to block Qantas sale

The Australian Greens have called on the Howard government to block a flagged takeover of Qantas by a foreign consortium.
"Qantas is an Australian flag bearer. It employs thousands of Australians and carries millions in Australia and around the world," Senator Brown said.
"The sale of Qantas is one major step too far and will raise great opposition from average Australians. Treasurer Costello should put up a not-for-sale sign outside Qantas," Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Melbourne today.

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Howard cherry picks High Court corporations power

The High Court's backing of the corporations power and the government's industrial relations legislation will have nasty results for workers, Greens leader Bob Brown said today.  
"However, the Prime Minister is cherry picking this corporations power to aid big business against the Australian community as a whole. The corporations power is being used to take away workers' rights at the same time as the Howard government is returning environmental controls to the states, to avoid its corporations power responsibilities for the environment,"

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ABC bias test should go commercial – Greens

The new bias test on programming being invoked by the government-biased board of the ABC should equally apply to commercial broadcasting.  
"People pay for the ABC through their taxes. We pay for the commercials through the advertising costs loaded onto the goods we buy. So the rules on content should be across the board. I'd like to see a bias test on Alan Jones or John Laws," Senator Brown said.

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Wal Mart takeover of Coles should be stopped

Greens Senator Bob Brown expressed concern today at renewed reports that Wal Mart may be planning a takeover of Coles and called on the Treasurer to block any sale to a foreign corporation, not least Wal Mart.
"Wal Mart have a very worrying record on workers rights and the environment" Senator Brown said.
"A takeover risks the jobs and conditions of the 90,000 workers currently employed by Coles."
"Wal Mart has a record of sending jobs overseas," Senator Brown said.

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Government should block foreign take over of Coles

The government should block the sale of Coles to a foreign owner Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.  
A foreign takeover of Coles would requirement approval of the Foreign Investment Review Board and ultimately the government.
"It is in the national interest for Coles to stay Australian. It is an employer of almost 200,000 people and a national icon," Senator Brown said.

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