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Democrats' Diesel Double-Talk

The Democrats have already conceded a massive subsidy for diesel users, benefiting mining, transport and logging corporations but penalising ordinary Australians with huge health and environmental costs, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

Senator Brown described Senator Lees" assurances on the environment as "double-talk".

"On the one hand she says "diesel fuel is not negotiable" (Sunday, Ch.9, today), but on the other says "absolutely everything we took to the election is on the table!

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Howard Government Backs Newcastle International Airport

Greens condemn decision

The Government motion moved in the Senate this morning corroborates the Greens' contention that an international airport will be built on Kooragang Island at Newcastle, Greens Senator Bob Brown said.

"The motion moved by Senator Tierney states that the Liberal party, both state and federal, supports the proposed Kooragang Island International airport'," said Senator Brown.

"This is effectively Sydney's second airport. It will have a 'Very Fast Train' link to Sydney.

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