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Not too late to slow the mining gravy train

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today welcomed the AWU's support for the Greens' advocacy of a mining tax package that delivers a fair return and sets aside funds for future generations in a sovereign wealth fund.

"We want a 40% super profits mining tax so the largely foreign-owned mining companies pay their fair share for the resources owned by the Australian people," Senator Brown said.

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Essential to put economy & services ahead of doctrinaire surplus

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today's Essential poll, showing 73% support maintaining services and investment and a delay in returning to a budget surplus, backs the Greens' call for the Government to drop its doctrinaire insistence on a 2012-13 surplus.

"This Essential poll shows public opinion is aligned with the Greens in putting the economy and services ahead of the political mantra of a budget surplus," Senator Brown said.

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Wrong way on economy, go back: Brown to Swan

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has called on Treasurer Wayne Swan to reverse the government's doctrinaire insistence on a surplus in the May budget.

"The cuts affecting art galleries, environmental well-being and a growing range of public services are not just unnecessary, they threaten Australia's small business economy and jobs in the public and private sector," Senator Brown said today in Hobart.

"A growing number of experienced economists are saying 'wrong way, go back' to the Treasurer.

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Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme

Today’s announcement from Anthony Albanese for a $20 million package to assist Tasmanian exporters is no substitute for amending the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme so that Tasmanian exporters are treated equally with their mainland counterparts, Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said today.

“The $20 million barely covers the losses by Tasmanian exporters in the last year because they are excluded from freight equalisation.

“Mr Albanese should immediately commit to freight equalisation for Tasmanian exporters from July 1," Senator Brown said.

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Someone's misinformed on Tas freight

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown is incredulous at today's news from Tasmanian minister David O'Byrne that federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has advised him "it will not be adjusting the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme to include north-bound international exports from Tasmania".

"Less than 24 hours ago I had very earnest discussions with Wayne Swan on this very issue and he was very considerate of it. I explained that, for just $21 million per annum, this fair proposal will help keep manufacturing jobs in Tasmania which has a 7% unemployment rate," Senator Brown said.

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15,000 Tassie businesses will gain from tax cut

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown estimates that 15,000 Tasmanian businesses will enjoy the cut in their tax rate from 30% to 29% on 1 July, assuming the Gillard government's tax legislation for small business, backed by the Greens, passes in May.

"The Greens are also calling for the Henry review's recommendation for the instant tax write-off for new equipment to be increased from $6,500 to $10,000 - a benefit for almost 100% of businesses," Senator Brown said.

"The Liberals oppose the tax cut, as they opposed the new mining tax which will fund it," Senator Brown added.

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Mining tax needs review to ensure revenue for Australia's future

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has called on the government to review the mining tax soon after it begins, with the aim of increasing revenue so that much-needed nation-building reforms such as Gonski's schools funding measures, Denticare, national disability insurance, high-speed rail and a sovereign wealth fund can proceed.

With the Senate set to vote on the mining tax today, Senator Brown has released a letter from the Prime Minister in which the government agrees to new measures to publish more up to date data about what the mining tax will bring in.

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Bob Brown and Richard Di Natale Press Conference - March 16, 2012

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown spoke to the media today about the appointment of David Gonski to Chairman of the Future Fund. Greens Health spokesperson Senator Richard Di Natale spoke about the need to move the Future Fund away from investing in Tobacco.

Bob also spoke about the need to take notice of President Hamid Karzai's comments about the recent incidents in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Bob Carr's comments about the Papua New Guinea election, and the mining tax legislation that is before the Senate.


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