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Burrow sells out jobs and conditions

The Australian Greens say the ACTU is selling out workers by not arguing more strongly for industrial relations changes and by settling for a meagre jobs tally under the Government's failed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said he was disappointed ACTU President Sharan Burrow was not pushing the Federal Government more strongly to create jobs and to protect workers entitlements.

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G20 fails planet’s environment – Brown

While the G20 meeting ended up in raptures about the future of growth economics, it turned its back on the plight of planet Earth's environment, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The G20 found more than a trillion dollars to address the economic crisis but no money to address the environmental crisis," Senator Brown said.


"One paragraph leaving the onrush of climate change to Copenhagen in December was tacked onto the end of the communiqué as an afterthought. Yet the planetary environment and its biodiversity are in a downwards spiral."

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Exclusive Brethren Out

The so-called ‘Exclusive Brethren clause' in the Fair Work Bill was knocked out by a 33-31 vote in the Senate tonight.

Moved by Greens Leader Bob Brown and supported by the Government and Senators Xenophon and Fielding, the long-held provision for Exclusive Brethren businessmen to refuse union entry to workplaces has been removed.

A large contingent of Exclusive Brethren elders left the Senate gallery after the vote.

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Greens move to strengthen workers’ rights

The Australian Greens today outlined their plan to strengthen workers' rights in the upcoming Senate debate over the Fair Work Bill.

"This Bill is an improvement on Work Choices, but also keeps many elements of the Howard laws. The Greens will be working to ensure that workers' rights are properly protected," said Senator Brown.

Senator Brown and Senator Rachel Siewert will meet with Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard later this afternoon to discuss the Fair Work Bill.

Amongst others, the key amendments the Greens will be proposing are:

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Bosses will test Rudd Labor’s credentials – Brown

The showdown over greedy CEO payouts is a test of the Rudd government's Labor credentials, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The CEO's CEO, John Colvin, (pg 1, Sydney Morning Herald) used exactly the same terminology - ‘perverse effects' - used by Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner on the weekend to warn against empowering shareholders," Senator Brown said.

"The government and corporate bosses are singing from the same song sheet. It's time Labor put Australian shareholders first," Senator Brown said.

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