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Greens urge Rudd to explain raid on Steve Irwin

Greens Leader Bob Brown has demanded that the Rudd Government explain the raid on the Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling ship Steve Irwin.

Senator Brown today has written to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calling for an immediate explanation on how the raid could be justified, or in the nation's interest.

"Otherwise Mr Rudd should order the immediate return of the film and other materials seized from the Steve Irwin to Sea Shepherd and the international media organisations which are aboard."

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Greens demand government take action on whaling death fleet

The Howard government should call in the Japanese Ambassador and demand the Japanese whaling fleet stay out of Australia's Antarctic waters, Greens leader Bob Brown said in Adelaide today.
The Japanese whaling fleet set out for Antarctica today.
"Instead of negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with Prime Minister Fukuda, John Howard should be demanding this assault of Australia's whales be stopped," Senator Brown said.

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Howard confirms Brown's weekend announcement of Abe's withdrawal from address to lower house

Prime Minister John Howard today confirmed Greens Leader Bob Brown's weekend announcement that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had canned his speech to the House of Representatives.
"I am glad Mr Howard has confirmed my announcement. I now call on Mr Howard to invite New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke to replace Mr Abe in addressing the House of Representatives on September 10th," Senator Brown said.

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Howard must tackle Abe on whaling – Greens

Prime Minister John Howard must tackle Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on whaling when he visits Australian in September, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"Japan plans to slaughter our humpback whales in Australian territorial waters and John Howard's response is to invite its Prime Minister to address the House of Representatives in September," Senator Brown said.

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Greens back Garrett on whaling

Poll shows 81% think Howard not doing enough
Greens Leader Bob Brown says that the shadow Environment Minister Peter Garrett will get Greens support for pursuing legal action against Japanese whaling.
"We back action against Japan in the international courts and we back naval patrols to interrupt illegal whaling activity and to film and document the slaughter so the world can see what shameful, bloody business whaling is," Senator Brown said.

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Minister Do-little cannot point the finger over whales – Greens

"Federal Minister for the Environment Campbell's failure to intervene on Japanese whaling in Australia's Antarctic waters leaves him in no position to criticise the Sea Shepherd and its crew," Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said today.
"Senator Campbell has condemned the Sea Shepherd but refused to send an Australian observation vessel to the Japanese killing grounds," Senator Brown said.

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