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Joint Press Conference - Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown, and Greens health spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert – in Canberra today

Bob Brown 11 Feb 2011

Senator Bob Brown and Senator Rachel Siewert urge state and federal leaders to boost mental health services and work towards a national, universal public dental care scheme.

Senator Brown also vows to take on Rio Tinto, whose profit bonanza will benefit its more than 70-percent foreign shareholders, and other heavyweights as companies prepare to fight efforts to develop an alternative to coal and the Greens’ push to put an effective price on carbon.

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Major parties ignoring dental health : New poll shows Greens 'Denticare' proposal popular

Bob Brown 29 Jul 2010

The Australian Greens would use a stronger voice in federal parliament to push for increased funding for dental health, including a universal 'denticare' scheme.

A national Galaxy poll of over 1000 people shows that 82% of Australians would support the federal government establishing a universal dental-care scheme.

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown, who will visit a suburban dental clinic in Sydney today, said that the Greens denticare system would help the 500,000+ Australians on dental waiting lists.

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Greens call for $3b insurance rebates to go to indigenous and dental care

The $3billion federal funding on health insurance should be diverted to indigenous health and a national dental healthcare strategy, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The Australian Health Review report shows taxpayers get very poor value propping up private health schemes," Senator Brown said.
"The $3billion could make a real dent in the appalling health indices for Australian indigenous people, who die 17 years earlier than their fellow Australians but have less spent on their health needs.

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Greens put Australians' dental care high on the health agenda

Bob Brown 20 Mar 2007

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown this morning addressed the Oral Health Alliance forum at Parliament House. Speaking to over 80 dental heath professionals, academics and dental care non government organisations, Senator Brown said that the Greens will reinstate a fully funded proactive school dental programme, providing dollar for dollar support to the states.

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