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Greens getting on with the job

1 September marks one year since the Australian Greens signed an historic agreement with Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Labor Government.

The Gillard agreement has achieved outcomes for Australians in terms of passage of bills and lack of confrontation between the houses. We have consultation instead of confrontation.

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The Green Dividend - Senator Bob Brown's National Press Club Address

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Ladies and Gentlemen

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the Canberra region and all the Indigenous people of Australia.

This Friday, 1 July, is the 28th anniversary of the High Court judgement which stopped the Franklin Dam. But in the preceding week of 1983, Tasmania recorded the lowest temperatures in history. It snowed heavily to sea level. The bulldozers in the Franklin and Gordon Valley were stopped. So, Mother Nature got into the act ahead of the High Court!

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Tibet motion passes Senate

Supported by the Coalition, a motion from Senators Bob Brown and Nick Xenophon backing the wishes of the Tibetan people to have the Dalai Lama return to Tibet was passed in the Senate today. The government opposed the motion, which reads:

That the Senate:

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Dalai Lama to deliver dose of compassion

Greens Leader Bob Brown says that he, along with many other members of the national parliament, is looking forward to the visit to Canberra tomorrow by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

"Too often politics is a spiritually dead zone. It needs a good dose of long-sighted compassion and who better than Tibet's Nobel peace prize winner to provide it," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

"I am working hard to urge Prime Minister Gillard to meet His Holiness. There will be a great feeling of pleasure around Australia if she takes ten minutes off to do just that."

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Old economy wins while new economy loses

Bob Brown 10 May 2011

Public mental health and private mineral wealth are the big winners out of this year's budget, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The Greens are celebrating the $1.5 billion boost to mental health funding, although we are shocked to discover that almost $0.5 billion is outside the forward estimates. There is a bias in the overall budget to the influential mining barons who are unelected and send massive profits overseas. While the mining corporations gain, programs for Australians, including the environment have been cut by billions," Senator Brown said.

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