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Greens will end marriage discrimination

Bob Brown 14 Aug 2010

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says the Greens will work hard with the next government to get a conscience vote on Greens legislation to remove discrimination against same-sex couples in Australian marriage laws.

Speaking in Hobart, Senator Brown called on both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott to agree to a conscience vote in the next 12 months in both houses of Parliament.

"If that happened, I reckon the law would change. That would bring us up with other countries like Mexico, Argentina, Canada and South Africa," Senator Brown said.


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Greens 'no' to Nauru, Timor Leste options

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says that it is likely either Labor's Timor Leste option or the Coalition's Nauru, for asylum seekers, will be possible under existing Howard years' legislation.

However, if a regulation for either is required, the Greens will not support it.

Senator Brown said the Greens look at all legislation before the Senate and treat it on its merits.

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Greens offer stable leadership, climate change action

“A strong safe crossbench in the Senate” - Brown

“I offer the electorate experienced and stable leadership, and the progressive policies and clear vision for Australia’s future which the big parties are ignoring,” Australian Greens Leader Senator Brown said in Canberra today.

“Moving forward will mean a carbon tax on polluters; bringing home safely Australia’s troops from Afghanistan; a universal dental care scheme; humane treatment of asylum seekers in Australia; protecting our forests and wildlife.”

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Senator Bob Brown's address to the National Press Club - July 2010

At this National Press Club I acknowledge the traditional owners of the Canberra region and all the Indigenous people of our nation.

This year will be another milestone in politics for the Australian Greens. The sole balance of power in the Senate and a breakthrough into the House of Representatives are both within reach. Australia's voters are looking for more progressive politics and the stable, experienced leadership which we alone have produced over the past three turbulent years in Canberra.

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Population debate should not demonise asylum seekers

A humane approach to asylum seekers is crucial to any sustainable population policy said Australian Greens leader Bob Brown today.

Senator Brown welcomed Prime Minister Julia Gillard's re-badging of the Minister for Population as the Minister for Sustainable Population.

"Australia needs a sustainable population determined by our infrastructure and environmental capacity," said Senator Brown.

"Asylum seekers make up a tiny fraction of overall immigration levels, and it is the other 90% plus of immigration that debate should focus on.

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Gillard "parked Greens vote won't last" - Brown

"The Green vote "parked" with Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard, won't stay there long," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

Commenting on the polls, Senator Brown said that the Gillard prime ministry will shed progressive voters as the natural mood of celebration passes and the reality of Labor's right-wing ascendency manifests itself in:

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Greens attack Abbott's xenophobic action plan

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says Liberal Party Leader Tony Abbott's new election campaign television advertisement is xenophobic.

The advertisement promises action on ‘illegals', singling out the nations of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.

"This campaign is xenophobic," said Senator Brown.

"It's a sign of things to come in the election campaign from the Coalition.

"It is not illegal for people to seek asylum.

"Mr Abbott is suggesting that Australia renege on its obligations under the UN convention on refugees.

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Greens call for ASIC investigation of Rio Tinto following Stern Hu verdict

The Australian Government should order an ASIC investigation of Rio Tinto following the harsh sentencing of Australian citizen Stern Hu in China for bribery, Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

The United States Securities Exchange is likely to investigate the multinational company and the UK Serious Fraud Office is reported to have commenced gathering information.

"Australian authorities should investigate Rio Tinto to find out where that money has gone and who else was involved," Senator Brown said.

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