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Government should move now to protect Wild Rivers from Campbell Newman

Under questioning from the Greens today, Australian Government has acknowledged it has the power to use the national environment laws to protect Wild Rivers from Campbell Newman and a future LNP Queensland Government, which has pledged to roll back the laws against the wishes of many Aboriginal communities.

“Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman are trying to wind back these laws which protect our most pristine and valuable river systems from the ravages of big mining,” Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

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Bob Brown outlines the Greens' economically responsible budget options - press conference 29-11-11


Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown responds to the Gillard Government's budget update and outlines the Greens' more responsible approach. Speaking to reporters in Canberra, Senator Brown also answered questions about the Gold Pass, the Murray Darling Basin plan and immigration.

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Survey shows majority want coal seam gas moratorium

An overwhelming number of Australians want a moratorium on the coal seam gas industry, according to a new Galaxy poll released by Australian Greens leader Bob Brown and Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters.

The poll of 1,048 people showed that 68 per cent of Australians support a moratorium on coal seam gas (CSG) until the full health and environmental impacts of disrupting water aquifers are known.

“There is overwhelming support from the Australian people for a moratorium on this potentially devastating industry,” Senator Brown said.

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Greens Leader’s statement on the Canberra convoy

"Some might call the predicted thousands of trucks descending on Canberra ending up as hundreds (ABC, 21/8/11) a ‘flop', but these Australians have every right to a peaceful presence on the parliamentary lawns," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"It seems like the prime qualification to be there is to be angry about something - these are Abbott's angry people," Senator Brown said.

"But it seems their views on some issues are fairly shorted sighted, very ‘me-now'."

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Chile’s dam protesters win Australian backing

The Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown, met with the Chilean Ambassador, His Excellency Pedro Pablo Diaz, yesterday to protest against Chile's plans to place five dams on wild Patagonian rivers for hydroelectricity production.

Senator Brown was jailed for 16 days in 1982-3 for peacefully protesting against plans to dam Tasmania's wild Franklin River (that dam was not built). This week's action follows Australian television coverage of anti-dam protests by tens of thousands of Chileans in Santiago and other cities.

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The Role of Global Warming

After the hottest and wettest year in recorded history, the seas off northern Australia are also currently warmer than ever before.  This heat has led to increased evaporation and so, rainfall.

 Sceptics and defenders of the coal industry may dispute this scientific data, but they don’t.  Instead, they are arguing that there should be no debate – not, at least, until some undefined time in the future when the cataclysm has passed and its injuries are behind us. 

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Greens join people across Australia in offering condolences - Brown

Greens Leader Bob Brown today offered condolences for the victims of flooding in Queensland and said his heart goes out to those who have lost friends and loved ones.

"I and my fellow Greens join people right across Australia in offering our condolences to the people and communities who have lost friends and loved ones," Senator Brown said.

"Our thoughts are also with the rescue workers in their essential tasks they are undertaking in remarkably difficult conditions."

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