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European heatwave adds to global heating impact

The European heatwave, along with falling rainfall in southern Australia and Hurricane Katrina in the US, is part of growing evidence that global heating is already having an impact on society, economies and the global environment, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.  
"The impact of global heating will not simply be on the environment – it will involve huge social dislocation and economic costs. Prime Minister Howard's head in the sand on this massive climatic change, generated by human activity and worsened by political inactivity, is unacceptable," said Senator Brown.

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Hill Rules Gordon Dam Spectre In

Environment Minister Robert Hill refused today to dismiss the proposal for a coffer dam on the Gordon River in Tasmania"s World Heritage Area, saying it would be assessed by a joint Commonwealth-State inquiry.

"The Bass Strait cable (Basslink) involves major environmental threats including the Gordon River coffer dam built downstream of the existing Middle Gordon Scheme (MGS), which flooded Lake Pedder in 1972.

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Greens Welcome ALP Fitzroy Dam Opposition - now for Jabiluka

Greens Senator Bob Brown has welcomed Labor"s commitment to protect the Fitzroy catchment in the Kimberley from dams.

"Labor should now make a harder but more urgent commitment to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine, come what may," said Senator Brown.

"Kim Beazley has refused to commit the ALP to stop the Jabiluka mine if unspecified contracts have been signed.

Senator Brown rafted for a week down the Fitzroy with the indigenous Bunuba people in February.

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Brown Equates Fitzroy With Franklin

International Showdown Predicted Over Kimberley River

Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown arrived back in Broome this afternoon after seven days canoeing down the giant Fitzroy River and its tributaries in the heart of WA"s Kimberley.

The expedition was organised by the Bunuba Aboriginal Community led by Willigan (Jo Ross). It had 15 members, including seven Aboriginals from three local groups. Renowned conservationist John Sinclair, of Fraser Island fame, was the cook.

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Fitzroy River Expedition Set to Depart

An exploratory party of 7 canoes will leave Mt Barnett in the central Kimberley tomorrow morning to explore 300 km down Australia"s mighty Fitzroy River. The trip will take ten days.

On the sixth and seventh days the group, which includes Willigan (Joe Ross) - the Bunuba community man who is leading the expedition, Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown and noted conservationist John Sinclair from NSW, will be in the Dimond Gorge which is targeted for a huge dam now being mooted by developers and the WA government.

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Senator for Wild WA River

Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown is in Perth today en-route to canoe the giant Fitzroy River in the Kimberley.

Senator Brown is to be a guest of the Bunuba people on a major expedition of seven canoes (14 people) to explore 400 kms of the Fitzroy on the monsoon flood surge, including the Dimond Gorge which is targeted as a site for a dam which will flood vast areas, including cultural sites, in the wild region.

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